NEBMC Trail Recovery Program for Mt. Kemalugong (Paasa Peak) – The Highest Point of Nueva Ecija

  By Anthony Awat and Perry Saico After more than a year since an exploration team visited  Mt. Kemalugong in January 17, 2016, NEBMCI carries out a Trail Recovery and Reassessment Program in partnership with the Local Government Unit (LGU) of Brgy. Siclong, Laur, Nueva Ecija. With  Mt. Kemalugong possibly opening to public anytime soon, [...]


Mt. Kemalugong (Paasa peak)

By Christian Jayson Narciso and Jerome Austria "Finding a precious gemstone diamond in the middle of the unknown," this is exactly how it feels to explore the unknown. There were mixed emotions as this will be the first time where a group of nature enthusiast would explore the mountain. The feeling of uncertainty, added with the breath-catching feeling of exhilaration lifted the [...]