Mt. Sawi – Mt. Mapait (Twin day hike)


By Christian Jayson Narciso

Going to a places you’ve never been is said to be the cure-all for a broken heart – the quickest way to step above the rising waters of sorrow and find the strength to move forward. But can travel really heal a broken heart? What if, the name of the destination you are bound to go is lambasting and slapping you with the same words you are currently going through? (LOL, HAHAHA, 😂😂)

Many heartbroken have scaled mountains and stood at the top feeling a sense of accomplished and released. Reaching the mountaintop can somehow give that measure of confidence that if you can climb a mountain, perhaps you can also survive a broken heart.

Plus, the trail, especially when difficult, demands your full attention. For the several hours during your climb at least, your misery and woes will be pushed to the backseat as you face the beauty and danger of the mountain.

Mt. Sawi (broke) and Mt. Mapait (bitter).  Names of this mountains seems to be playing with your emotions (Haha). Perhaps, these mountains is so perfect for someone who is carrying hatred on their hearts for their Exs or have gone currently into break ups or even for those who are trying to let go of something or someone they never had. Nonetheless, Trail going to the peak of these mountains is not to be frivoled with.

Mt. Sawi is a 2-Hour bumpy trek to summit. Trail is not too steep. Perfect if you are a starting hiker. You will be passing through forest, uncovered trail and a bit of rock climbing. Sidetrip to Simbahang Bato is a must for this hike. Atop of this mountain is a 360 degrees view of the community surrounding this mountain. There were several viewdeck that are great for picture taking.

Mt. Mapait, on the other hand, is actually just a hill. But the view at the top and the view of the lake you will be passing through should not be passed with. You will be crossing to Lake Aulo before reaching the feet of this mountain.  Atop of this mountain is a grass-open land. You will be seeing the 360 degrees view of the community surrounding this mountain, the Lake Aulo, the Caraballo mountain range and the scenic Mt. Arayat from afar. A scenic view of Lake Aulo during sunset is great for picture taking.

It would seem traveling is the only way to move beyond difficult moments in life, like heartbreak. In truth, while traveling can aid in the recovery of a broken heart, it cannot heal it. Travel only offers a means to step away from your life and gain much needed perspective. So, while travel can’t necessarily heal a broken heart it can go a long way towards repairing it; but like most things in life, the one true antidote to lost love is time.

Furthermore, to fully complete your props for letting go of all your culminated hatreds from your ex  while trudging to this twin hike, we recommend downloading this playlist for broken heart from youtube.



Mt. Sawi
Side trip: Simbahang Bato
“No Permit, No Climb”
Brgy Malinao, Gabaldon, Nueva Ecija Brgy Hall
Coordinates: 15.48391041°N 121.33307575°E
Elevation: 594 MASL
Hours to summit: 3-4
Specs: Minor climb, Difficulty 3/9, Trail Class 1-4
Rattan: None
Limatik: None
Lipa: None
Watersource: Yes (Near Simbahang Bato)
Phone Signal: +++

Mt. Mapait
Brgy Mapait, Palayan City, Nueva Ecija
Elevation: 350 MASL
Hours to summit: 3hrs
Specs: Minor climb, Difficulty 3/9, Trail Class 1-2
Rattan: +
Limatik: None
Lipa (Poison Ivy): +
Watersource: Yes
Phone Signal: +++

Complete Itinerary, How – tos, Cost and Contacts:


0530H Meet Up Crossing
0600H ETD Going to Gabaldon
0800H ETA ETA JOP Brgy Hall Malinao/Register and Secure Climb/Permit
0810H Start Trek Simbahang Bato
0850H ETA Simbahang Bato/Photo Ops
0900H Start Trek to Summit
1000H ETA Summit
1020H Start Descend
1125H ETA JOP 1135H ETD going to Palayan City
1245H ETA Brgy. Caimito Landmark: BUENO Trading (Tricycle Terminal Going to Brgy. Mapait), Palayan City
1250H Take Tricycle going to Brgy. Mapait
1310H ETA Brgy Mapait/Registration/Secure Guide/Rent a Boat
1315 ETD Take Tricycle going to Aulo Lake
1330H ETA Aulo Lake / Ride Boat
1345H ETA Start Ascend Mt. Mapait Entry Point (Franko Trail)
1540H ETA Mt. Mapait Summit/ Photo Ops
1610H Start Descend
1715H ETA Aulo Lake/Boat Ride
1730H take Tricycle Going Back to Brgy Hall (Mapait)
1745H ETA Brgy hall/Log-out/Tidy-up
1800H ETD Going Back to Brgy. Caimito (Hi-way)
1820H ETA Hi-way
1830H ETD Going to Cabanatuan Central Terminal
1935H ETA Cabanatuan Central Terminal


Mt. Sawi Environmental/Registration Fee = 20 per head
Guide Fee = 300/day (Ratio 1:10)
Cubao to Cabanatuan = 185 per head
Cabanatuan to Gabaldon = 80 per head
Environmental/Registration Fee = 20 per head
Guide Fee = 300/day (Ratio 1:10)
Cubao to Cabanatuan = 185 per head
Cabanatuan to Palayan = 20 per head
Tricycle going to Brgy. Mapait = 20 per head
Boat Rent = 30/pax (Ratio 1:4/Oneway)

Total (4 Pax): 710 Php (Exclusive of food)


Mt Sawi: Brgy. Secretary Madelyn Garcia – 09294396872
Mt. Mapait : Brgy Captain Toletino Baltazar 09208125946

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